Miss Kitty

IMG_0809004Miss Kitty is our new dog. (You should probably know that our other dog’s name is Chester, to understand why her name is Miss Kitty.)

She’s at the “drag everything she can move into the yard” stage. Now that the snow is melting, I’m finding all sorts of things, including tie-down straps, combine parts, baling twine scraps and golf balls.

When I sweep the sidewalk, she attacks my broom and tries to drag it away.

She is four months old. She is almost as big as Chester already. We are working on manners, like not jumping and not nipping. It’s a matter of one step forward and two steps back, but she’s smart and she knows when I’m pleased or displeased.

Two nights ago the grandkids came to play, and Naomi (20 months) was climbing the steps, at the top of which Miss Kitty waited, greatly excited about this small person approaching her. Grampa, heading off a potential tumble, sternly yelled “No!” just as Naomi reached the top step. Poor baby! She thought her grampa was yelling at her! What a traumatic way to start a play date!


5 thoughts on “Miss Kitty

  1. Adorable grand baby and pretty dogs. Hope your snow is melting and you see signs of Spring soon.
    I came over from Elizabeths site-stephensmustand1.
    Nice to meet you.

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