My husband and son are in Belize, building a house for a Mayan family with a missions team.

Today was the first day of work.  I’m checking the photos on Facebook.  Looks like the evangelism group visited a school.  Word back is that everyone is well and the work progressed nicely today.

My husband is NOT computer literate.  He does have an email address but has never used it.  I retrieve his messages for him now and again.  I have no expectation that he will use the internet to contact me while he is gone.  I do have a couple of third-party “tell her we are fine” messages though.

I have been kept busy so far.  I had three meetings this afternoon and evening, returning home at about 9:00 PM.  When I got home I found a dead possum in my yard.  Of course it is too dark to do much about it.  It’s serious deja vu.  This happened another time the husband went on a missions trip.  I found the possum and it sure looked dead.  I prodded it with my toe.  I watched it for signs of life.  I called my brother-in-law and asked him if he could get it for me in the morning (I was not as brave then!)  When morning arrived, however, the possum was gone.  He was playing possum and not dead at all.

I’m waiting til morning to see if this one is playing possum.

Micah and Noelle

Micah and Noelle


4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Welcome to WordPress!
    I am a friend of stephensmustang1! 🙂
    Ha! A possum playing possum! That is funny! 🙂 Was this one playing possum?!
    I will pray for your son and husband! What a wonderful thing for them to do!
    Carolyn 🙂

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