Belize: Home from the jungle




Top photo: the team

Middle:  My husband on the job site

Son, Micah, shirtless on the roof of the house they built


The team is home with great stories of the people they met and the adventures they had in Belize on their missions trip.  I am back to myself, now that the best part of me is back with the rest of me.  I can’t explain how, after 39 years of marriage, it still feels like an amputation to have my husband gone.  I’m always having phantom pains and looking for what I’m missing.

They met a 15-year old young man who was attracted to the job site, hoping to have some work thrown his way.  He is the man of his household.  His mother is ill with a serious disease, so serious that she refuses to even tell her son what it is.  Manuel has younger siblings too.  He rides a bicycle in pursuit of whatever jobs he can dig up to keep food on the table.  He had to leave school. 

Manuel, when asked if he was a Christian, said no, repeatedly.  During the ten days our team was in Belize on the building project, they took him under their wings, finding jobs for him to do to earn some (of their own) money; taking him to the store and paying for groceries for his family; and telling him about Jesus.  On the last day of the trip, Pastor Loren, prompted by the Holy Spirit, asked him once again about accepting Jesus’ sacrifice and forgiveness.  He said yes.  And when he said good-bye the tears flowed down all their faces.

I’m amazed at the love of God.  I wasn’t on this trip so all of my impressions are third-hand. But it is just like our wonderful Father to send this team of Kansas people to Belize just to meet Manuel.  Of course the building project, the school and hospital visits, the VBS program all were the overt goals.  But how our God loves the individual.  How He loves to go looking for one sheep. 


2 thoughts on “Belize: Home from the jungle

  1. Wow–thanking Abba right now for working through this trip to bring Manuel into the Kingdom. How awesome is our God!!!
    Great pics.
    I understand about the amputation thing–Stephen and I have been married a little over 30 years (31 in July) so I get it.
    Am heading to my parents (to help birth baby goats and do ‘projects’ they’ve saved for me) on Sat. Well, all of us will go Sat, do some work and Stephen and the boys will come back Sunday. I’ll stay til the following Sat. Two of the does are due this week and Daddy asked that I come. I’ll probably end up going back the first part of April b/c ‘mama’s doe’ is due that week. 🙂 Two more are due later so I’ll play that by ear. Will be posting pics for sure. But please lift my parents up to Abba. Their health concerns me greatly.
    Love and appreciate you.

  2. One of the more challenging times of life is having both children and parents needing us at once. I will pray. Perhaps you will be able to come back home between the birthings. Looking forward to the photos. May you shine ever brighter.

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