A Seussical STAT care visit

I do not like you, STATcare clock

For three whole hours you tick and tock.

The folks around me are in shock

Because I cough and cough and cough.

I do not like it that you say

“We need to do a chest X-ray

For your insurance this will pay!”

I tell you that my care is not

The kind Michele Obama’s got

And I cannot afford to pay

For a silly chest X-ray.

I do not like the way you say

I will prescribe you this pill “A”

Because Insurance you have got.

And then I tell you I have not

Insurance like Obama’s chillin’

And you say Amoxicillian.

I do not like the clerks who say

Please, lady, don’t pay us today

You have insurance we must bill!

And if later they don’t pay

You can come again to pay!


2 thoughts on “A Seussical STAT care visit

  1. When my kids were teens and homeschooling (YOU will appreciate this!) after a particularly frustrating day I just started laughing. My kids were perplexed. Mom! Why are you laughing!?? I said well, it’s either laugh or slap somebody!.
    That’s the philosophy behind this post. Laugh or slap somebody.

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