Slow Spring

DSCN0340May Day.  On May Days past I have been known to leave flowers hanging on doorknobs.  This May Day so few flowers are in the offing that the idea seems ridiculous.  A few brave lilacs have opened their blossoms.  The Kansas wind has stripped the blooming trees of everything.  Only the redbuds seem to be clinging to theirs.

The hummingbirds are back! I saw the first scout Saturday, and today there were several visits to the feeder.  I mixed up a new batch of nectar so I’m ready for the rest of them.

I feel guilty about my garden.  I haven’t planted anything yet.  I’m thinking of blocking off a spot for tomatoes and peppers and sprinkling flower seeds over the rest.  Unheard of! So tempting, though.  I’m just not getting garden fever like I usually do.

Miss Kitty (the puppy) chewed up my ten bags of cypress mulch.  It was actually a good thing.  It forced me to go spread the mulch on the flower beds.  The bags would still be stacked out by the driveway otherwise.

Well this excruciatingly boring post has run on long enough.

Happy May Day.


2 thoughts on “Slow Spring

  1. The weather has been so fickle the flowers don’t know what to do here. Hope to put hummingbird food and bird food back out this week. Just haven’t had the money as of yet.
    Mama is doing a ‘box garden’ and will plant tomatoes, okra, and I think a couple of cucumber plants for Jonathan (since he helped Daddy make the ‘box’ a few weeks ago) . It’ll be a nice size area and I LOVE fresh tomatoes. As I try to go every 5-6 weeks, I can enjoy the fruits of her labor. 😉 love and hugs.

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