Not a Hummingbird

I glanced out the window.  It seemed the hummingbirds were unusually agitated.  I was accustomed to their bickering among themselves, guarding the feeders from one another, but this was different.  They were all attacking the feeder together.  From the window I could see nothing; but when I went outside, this is what I saw:

2014 august hums n flowers 010

A praying mantis.

I don’t know if the mantis wanted a chicken dinner or had just gotten lost.  I gently lifted it and set it on a pot of Creeping Jenny.

War averted.


3 thoughts on “Not a Hummingbird

  1. LOL–Our hummers have been bickering back and forth for sure. They are fun to watch though and I’ve been feeding the other birds as well. Bring me a lot of joy.
    BTW you can follow people here on wordpress and then get email updates, either daily (which I do for those I’m closest too) or weekly.
    Click on your icon up on the left of the page–go to dashboard..then blogs I follow which will send you to a place where you can edit the blogs you follow. Hope this helps.
    Was SO GLAD to see you posting on my site again. love and hugs.

  2. Nature is interesting. Great photos, Elizabeth. I found out that there is a hummingbird viper snake in the jungle!!!! Gads, every living thing seems to have an enemy. lol

    A lost mantis. lol

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