Hiking the Farm

We have Saturday evening free.  Dear Husband has been telling me about a catalpa tree down the the river that has been defoliated so the seed pods are all that remains against the branches.  “Do you want to walk across with me to see it?”

The hike across to the river involves walking along an alfalfa field.  Both dogs, Chester and Miss Kitty, accompanied us.  Miss Kitty is still a puppy (though she doesn’t look like one) and loves chasing the butterflies.

9_6_14 farm hike 002The catalpa tree did look strange with no leaves:9_6_14 farm hike 0039_6_14 farm hike 0129_6_14 farm hike 023We hiked through the soybeans, too, just to see how close to harvest they were.  Saw the coolest butterfly.  The dogs were ready to get back and get a drink.  Farmer Husband was greatly encouraged by the soybean field and me? Well I’m sharing it all with you.


3 thoughts on “Hiking the Farm

  1. That sounds wonderful! Miss Kitty!?! I love it for the name of a dog! My daughter keeps saying she wants a dog named Meow Mix and a cat named Kibble. She has a warped sense of humor like her mother. LOL

    Love the pics! Soybeans are looking good! Donnie looks like he’s enjoying the sunshine!

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