We heat our home with wood . . .

. . .burned in a furnace in the basement.  There’s a lovely stack of split wood about two yards away.  The ductwork brings the heat up into the house and through the floor vents.

Today I came home from town lugging armloads of groceries and, when I opened the door, gas fumes came billowing out of the house.  DearHusband drove up in his truck at the same time, and I hollered out “We’ve got a leak!”

After scurrying about checking the propane line, the space heaters, and the kerosene lamps, we discovered that the load of firewood had been doused with gasoline from a can in the back of the pickup. We picked out all the logs that seemed damp or smelly and hauled them back outside.

Now we are sitting here with all the doors and windows wide open and waiting for the fire in the furnace to burn down.  We were going to have the grandkids over tonight, but don’t want them exposed to the fumes, so we are planning to go to their house. I’m wanting the fire to burn out.  Can’t help but think there may be fumes or maybe even a log we missed in the purge just waiting to ignite the house.

Sometimes I think my life would make a great reality show.


2 thoughts on “We heat our home with wood . . .

  1. Oh no. Will be praying that you got all the logs and for safety for all. When mil moves out Stephen wants a wood burning stove to heat the house. Of course we have many other things we MUST have b/4 that can be accomplished. HUGS>

  2. Yikes! That would be scary! Glad you all caught it! Will be praying for it to dissipate quickly. I miss wood heat. We have a furnace and it is NOT warm when compared to wood heat. I would also love to cook on an old woodstove, but my family all thinks I’m mad. LOL

    Stay warm! Hope you all didn’t get all of the nasty ice and snow that we did.

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