That’s the word for this week.

  • Tuesday afternoon our daughter graduates from cosmetology school.
  • Wednesday is its usual busy self
  • Thursday I drive with DearDaughter to go take her State certification exam 90 minutes away.  Leave at 7:00 AM.  DearHusband and DearSon will be loading oodles of jumble for the missions team garage sale on
  • Friday evening, when the missions team will be sorting the stuff
  • Saturday is the huge, big, impossibly eclectic garage sale

And then we start again on Sunday.

I am posting a spring photo of my apple tree, blooming and fresh.  Reality is not so.  It’s cold.  It’s windy. It’s interminable.  The apple tree is to remind me that there is a spring and it is coming.


3 thoughts on “Eventful

  1. You sound like one busy lady! Congrats to your DD on her graduation! Praying for her success on the exam and for your nerves as you wait for her.
    You’re praying for spring and I am praying for snow! I want to be stuck indoors, knitting away! 😉

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