It’s a Test

Yesterday I drove Dear Daughter (DD) to Wichita to take the written portion of her state test to certify as a nail technician.  I waited for her at a convenience store.  The store clerk was a very young girl (heck, she looked about twelve!) who was the mother of two, eight-month-old twin boys.  While I was waiting, she took a call from her day care provider informing her that the provider’s daughter was being taken to ER with a possible case of the measles.

The young mom told me that her sons were not vaccinated.  Time for my test.  I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes.

I’ve figured out – finally – that our Father doesn’t give us tests so He can see how we will do.  He gives us tests so we can see how we will do.  He already knows what’s in us.  I think He loves to show us we are learning and growing.  Tests are a good thing.

Dear Daughter goes back to Wichita in two weeks for the practical part of her test.  I think I will try to follow up on the twins.

Oh, and DD got 100% on her test.


One thought on “It’s a Test

  1. Congrats to DD. She’s doing awesome!!! I love that you asked about praying. A couple from my parents old church took us out to eat for my daddy’s bday. He asked the waitress if we could pray for her. She said yes and her daughter too. It was cool. Hugs.

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