My Husband is not Tech Savvy

That means when he’s out of the country – as he is now – I don’t hear from him. Not only does he refuse to use email and Facebook, he gets cranky with those who do. He is surrounded by Facebook users though, and I have been treated to several photos already, one of which was Dear Husband himself, speaking in the host church.

The missions team has been in El Salvador since late Friday. This is my third night alone. At first, I rather enjoy rearranging things, having the remote to myself; reading my Nook in bed without bothering anyone . . . . but tonight the fun is wearing off.

So far each day has had an “event”; something I have had as a touchstone for that day. Yesterday was Dear Daughter-In-Law’s birthday. I got to tickle Noah and giggle with him over poop jokes and listen to him read “If I Ran the Zoo”.

Today I attended my daughter’s vocal recital. Her pure, clear voice soared out over the audience. She was dolled up in her ‘forties look: polka dot dress and pin curls.

Tomorrow evening I get to babysit all three grandchildren.

After that? Well, here’s hoping it goes fast.


8 thoughts on “My Husband is not Tech Savvy

  1. when you are a widow……every day and night is being alone…..we are a forgotten society, we are forgotten when there is a celebration that we could be invited to…..we would love to joy a family (families) for dinner sometime…..the phone calls stop, the honey do jobs are now done by ourselves or we have to hire it out…..I would rather give up the control of the remote for a year just to see it in my husbands hand….my husband too, was not tech savvy…but I would give anything to just hear my husbands voice just one more time, or to have one of his big hugs when life gets to be too much…..I know week seems like a life time…..we widows live that lifetime every day of every year as we are now forever alone……God is now my husband, I accept his love daily, he sends his angels to stand at the foot of my bed to watch and protect me during the night, He supports me when I make up my mind to do whatever…He gives me all my needs and then some……Be blessed knowing you will see Donny in 5 days……

    • Oh my Mari. I need to be thankful that I still have my dear husband here on the earth with me. You’ve made me stop and re-evaluate my complaining ways. I pray that your Father, your Husband, will lavish His presence and His companionship upon you every day.

  2. Hooray for the milestones. Praying for you as I know you really miss DH. Also praying for many updates from others on fb–that’s important for you.
    When does he come back?
    Hugs, love and prayers.

  3. Praying for safety and health for the workers, and for you as you wait for their safe return.
    Personally, I would do a lot of different things. I’d do some deep cleaning, take a long hot bath and knit in the evenings……………let the dogs up in the bed with me…………..(dh doesn’t like them in our bed)…………….go yarn shopping…………….hang out at the yarn shop………….look at knit patterns online and download them. I *may* have a bit of a problem here. 😉

  4. Thanks for all your prayers, Marie and Elizabeth. I need them! They return on Saturday. I still have a few days to wait. I’ve been keeping busy and that helps. I’m always surprised at how many things I don’t notice he does until he’s not here to do them! I promise to appreciate him more!

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