Disappointed and Relieved

Tonight was to have been the night I reunited with my husband after his missions trip to El Salvador.  It seems I have to wait another two nights.  Their flight from El Salvador was cancelled.  Too much snow in Dallas.  We had snow here as well, and I was to have driven the church van with the luggage trailer to meet their plane this evening.  It would have been a scary, 90 minute drive. That’s where the relief comes in.

I would rather they were late and safe than not get here at all.

Meanwhile, back at the farm . . . . the horses’ water needed replenishing and the water line is frozen.  I carried four buckets of water out to them.  Were they thankful? Goodness no! I shoveled the sidewalks and the driveway; it’s supposed to snow more tomorrow, with rain mixed in.  I got a bit of a head start anyway.

It’s not all bad news.  Saturday morning is my jail day.  I have the unutterable honor of bringing a Bible study in to the inmates of our local jail.  There were eleven women today.  Holy Spirit did His amazing thing and several of them prayed repentant prayers today.  How beautiful our God is.  How wonderous is His redemption.  No pit is too deep, no sin too great, no addiction too binding that He can’t redeem us.

So here is a photo of my son and husband and several others from the team, mixed in with the church members that were working with them.

Two more nights.  I may need ice cream.


4 thoughts on “Disappointed and Relieved

  1. I am sorry it’s two more days but glad that they will be safe. Continued prayers for them and you.
    Awesome news about the prayers. Love that Abba loves us so much that there isn’t anything we can do to make Him stop loving us. love ya

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