It Is Well

I’m relieved that all the missions team members finally got home in one piece.  Their photos are showing up on facebook.  Their accounts of what they experienced are rolling in.  I have to let you in on this one . . . .

If you’ve been following the saga of the Snowed-In Dallas Airport, you know that the team was delayed in returning home, some of them three entire days.  While many of the team members were disappointed by the delay, I spoke today with Savannah, whose take was entirely different. This was her first missions trip and she has had limited flying experience.  She prayed that she would get window seats:  she did on each flight.  She prayed that she would be able to sit with her friend.  Several people traded seats so she could.  She prayed that she would get to see a volcano.  Because she was in the last group to leave, she had time to go on a tour that included a volcano, and she didn’t even have to pay for it.  What’s more, on the way home she was upgraded (with her friend!) to first class.

As she was relating this story to me I couldn’t stop laughing.  What a difference attitude makes! She experienced the same delays the others did, but she “counted it all joy”.  Father, help me remember this the next time my plans go awry.  Amen.1484509_10152573298145670_78177353470232702_n


3 thoughts on “It Is Well

  1. I’ve been reading an Amish novel and the Lord keeps reminding me that what I want and what He wants may be two different things. He keeps showing me that it’s my approach to things……….my attitude that makes all the difference in the world. Just when I think I have things all figured out, it’s back to the drawing board!
    So glad your hubby is home, that your friend got to see the volcano and was blessed in so many ways and that everyone is home safe and sound!

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