The crabapple tree is sporting tiny leaves.  A few of last year’s withered fruit are still clinging here and there, attracting the sparrows and cardinals.  I don’t think the fruit is their main interest, however, as they are all twitterpated. (Bambi).  The cardinals have burst into their whistling mating calls and the sparrows are scolding and bickering over who has the best potential.  I’m living under a singles’ gathering.

Perennials are bursting through the dry earth.  Every day there are new leaves thrusting through the crust.  The “lawn” – and I use the term very loosely – is greening.

Naturally I’m thinking of planting, digging, moving plants, commencing my war on the gophers and other outdoor activities. I’ve been cruising the discount stores to see if they have opened their garden centers.  I’ve been picking plants up and putting them back.  I did dig two six-packs of pansies into the planter by the door.  Just couldn’t resist.

So much life; life abundantly.  How every created thing praises Him.

IMG_9561_2 DSCN1238


2 thoughts on “Twitterpated

  1. We’re getting rain today. It’s a bit cooler than it has been. I am just itching to get out there and wiggle my toes in a squishy mud puddle! You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl! 😉

    Hope the twitterpated feathered friends calm down a bit! It won’t be long and you’ll have little feathered friends! I love the new life that comes with spring!

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