In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”


My sister is a pediatric nurse.  She does home health care for physically compromised babies.  She has poured her love into at least three children, working herself out of a job with two of them.

When God supernaturally made me a mother through adoption, I was clueless about how to care for my brand new son.  I knew I had love.  I had few skills.  My sister is the one who volunteered to teach me.  She taught me how to bathe  him.  She taught me how to feed him.  She taught me how to swaddle him in a flannel receiving blanket.

A swaddled, loved, content baby.  That is what ‘enveloped” means to me.  A child warmly and firmly enfolded.

And, by the way, thirty years later.  Thank you, Bonnie.


5 responses to “Enveloped”

  1. *emotional tears* (choked up) What a wonderful post!

  2. I remember when you became a momma…I was about 13…I always thought what a very good momma you would be…

    1. Awwww. So many people prayed for this.

  3. What a wonderful, emotional, heartfelt post. Love it.

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