Let There Be Joy

The photo booth doesn’t capture art.  Photo booth shots are grainy and smeared; not hi-definition.  There’s a misty quality.  There’s a sense of time stopping for an instant.

I’m up to my eyeballs in activity and way behind in every To Do.  A promise by my Dear Husband to get that bathroom floor in before Christmas led to paint.  Which led to the living room also being painted.  Which led to “I need new picture frames”, which led to “I don’t have a tree/gifts/cards/food shopping done”.  Today is the first day in a couple of weeks I’ve just sat down and looked around to take stock of the mayhem. Tonight is a Christmas program; tomorrow a Christmas party and every evening something else to attend.  The countdown is ticking relentlessly toward The Big Day.

So what if the tree is decorated with cranberries and popcorn this year?  What if the menu is casseroles and fruit?  What if the stockings hold less and the package pile is smaller?

What if we just savor one another?   What if this year is not so much tinsel but more tenderness?

What if we take a photo booth shot instead of a professional one?

Let there be JOY.





2 thoughts on “Let There Be Joy

  1. Amen and needed this, my friend. Don’t know if you are caught up on my blogs or not but waaaay much going on here..We will not celebrate Christmas on Christmas but later when I get back from y parents, the gift ‘pile’ will most definitely be smaller (except for Little Cutie who has a Bible study group taking care of her 😉 ) and I am really attempting to choose joy–not happiness but true joy. Joy and trust in Abba. Daily.
    LOVE the pictures..such joy and love in those faces. Those grandangels (as a friend of mine calls them) are adorable.
    love ya,

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