Let the Light that Shines on Me

The moon will be full tomorrow night, and in another hemisphere, the light it reflects from the sun is shining on my family.  They are in Nicaragua.  They are serving on a missions trip.

There is no internet where they are.  I admit, I’ve been spoiled the last couple of trips they took with nearly daily updates via Facebook.  Not this time.  I have heard only two news bits:  the medical team saw 94 patients on Saturday, and there is some complication with their medical supplies.  There is also word that the food provided is not stretching to all the team members. Hungry, hard-working Americans do seem to need a lot of food.

As I look out my window at the nearly-full moon, I think of the song my mother used to sing to me when I was small:  I see the moon/the moon sees me./I see the moon and the moon sees me./Please let the light that shines on me/shine on the ones I love.

One of the names of God is Jehovah-Shammah, “The Lord is There”. As I head for bed tonight, I pray to the the God Who is with those I love and Who knows every need.    Let the Light that shines on me shine on the ones I love.




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