Let’s not step into the snare

I usually try to avoid talking about politics.  But . . . . I take seriously the admonition in 1 Timothy 2:2 to pray for those in authority over us.

There’s a viciousness manifesting in our politics which is worse than I remember seeing before.  No matter which candidate or party you identify with, as believers we cannot fall into the trap of attacking the person; when we pray, we do not war like those who serve darkness.  We have weapons available to us that tear down darkness; we have atomic weapons that expose the lies and manipulation that hale from hell itself.

Please, dear Bride of Christ, don’t make the mistake of fighting on the enemy’s ground.  You serve a very big God.  He is even able to use unbelievers to bring about His purposes.  Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the personalities and the idiosyncrasies of the candidates.  Pray against the ungodly, anti-Christ ideas.  Stand against the prosperity of ideologies that bring about hatred, strife and disunity.  Don’t allow your tongue to be used to wound.  Don’t inundate your mind with the manipulative media voices, but seek your Father’s face and His heart, and then pray and act and speak accordingly.

I exhort you believers to unify around the God Who is big enough to call Cyrus, the Persian king of an ungodly and wicked culture “My anointed”, and used him to bring Israel home from exile.  (See Isaiah 44 and 45 and the book of Ezra) Don’t look at the outward appearance.  Don’t judge the heart, for only God can see the heart.  It’s our job to hold out Truth–Who is a Person–when lies, witchcraft and intimidation are being wielded as weapons.  The accuser hates our country, wanting to transmogrify it from a sheep nation into a goat nation (see Matthew 25:31-46) and when we bite and devour one another, we play right into his hands.

We know that this is a pivotal time for the United States.  It’s time to unite.  It’s time to pray.  It’s time to fight–but not each other.  And yes, vote.


3 thoughts on “Let’s not step into the snare

  1. I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, INDIVIDUAL( ya hear that we can not be divided. WE CAN NOT BE DIVIDED!) Wake up people and regain you respect for your flag,country and President. We need to be one to make our country solid. Quit being a problem and be part of the solution!
    In the name of Jesus I pray this for everyone of you that are causing problems…You were just not raised right but you can correct yourselves and make a difference in our our country. Don’t you want to make our country the strongest it can be? Well I do. In my life time I have always in the the strongest country in the world. We can be that way weather you are with us apart of it. However it would be a lot nicer if you were part of us…

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