We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

If you’ve ever seen the movie WALL-E, you know what a cruise is like:  Indulgence.  Buffets. Entertainment. A clean-up crew that never stops making your bed, cleaning your water closet, polishing, sweeping.  Do it all, or do nothing, as one prefers.

What were our ports of call?  Aruba.  An island where tourism is their main source of income.  Bonaire.  An island with coral beaches, clear water, a functioning salt mine and the most highly rated SCUBA reefs.  Grand Turk.  An island with a beach that is the stuff dreams are made of.  John Glen landed his capsule there.  Christopher Columbus landed there.  I visited a tiny museum there, with artifacts from shipwrecks and ancient navigation instruments.    The great, trackless sea looks so much bigger to a ship the size of the Pinta, one of Christopher Columbus’ ships, than it does from the upper deck of a Carnival colossus.  No radar.  No GPS.  Only stars and sun and moon to navigate by.  And don’t forget, Christopher stumbled onto an entire continent he didn’t know existed.

I’ve been thinking about the sea since we came home.  Jesus borrowed Peter’s fishing boat to keep the throngs of listeners from crushing him.  When He finished, He told Peter to “launch out into the deep” and throw his nets over for a catch.  Peter responded by saying “We’ve been fishing all night, and have caught nothing.  Nevertheless, at your word, I will.”  You know the rest of the story.  Peter snagged the catch of his life and thereby realized that Jesus was God.

Launch out into the deep.  The trackless sea.  Go for it.  You’ll never know what’s possible until you weigh anchor and go.  Serving Him is the adventure you long for.




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